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About Infra Structure

About Infra Structure

  • Class Room

    The plaster of paris coated class rooms are step modeled, well furnished, spacious and ventilated for sufficient air and light, create a world of pleasant, peaceful environment for the learners.

  • Computer Lab

    Scientifically engineered computer laboratory with all the systems of computers with internet, LAN enables the students to move progressively in their practical knowledge under the guidance of the best faculty. Our branded systems enable the students to cope with the highly developed present computer generation and keep them efficient enough to fix any where in the world of computers. More than 100 systems which we provide to the students given them scope to work on their own individually.

  • Pharmacy Lab

    We have sophisticated research labs with state of the art facilities & research orients advanced instruments. We have all the required manufacturing & Analytical equipments including UV-visble spectrophotometer, HPLC etc.

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